Auction Access

Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction continues its long standing tradition of offering dealers the outstanding customer service that has been handed out every day since the auction opened the doors. All licensed dealers can now attend any Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction sale by using their Auction Access number to obtain a bidder badge.

For dealers that are not registered or are unfamiliar, Auction Access is a national database that allows any licensed dealer to visit any auction that accepts Auction Access and become registered almost instantly. That’s a fraction of the time it normally takes to complete a registration application at each auction.

Your team at Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction is excited about now offering this service to our dealers, and we hope this simple process encourages you to attend because it couldn’t be any easier. A dealer can simply call, fax, ask any employee, or attend an auction to be registered right away. If you are not currently a member of Auction Access, please click here: Any interested dealer can (and should) print out the Auction Access application to be included in the nationwide database.

Auction ACCESS Application

Individual Authorization

IRS W-9 (IRS Website)

Dealer Authorization of an Individual

Dealer Removal of an Individual

Bank Authorization Letter

Dealership Credit Information

Dealership Licensing Information

Dealership Out of Business Form